Authorized Producer

Join the Pop Group authorized producer community and start offering your client’s high end POP & Promotional Items and field marketing solutions to achieve faster development, deployment and overall higher customer satisfaction!

The Pop Group Authorized Producer Program is a perfect fit for independent producing companies.

We are looking for successful partners that want to be a part of the Pop Group Community, to promote and mutually benefit from each others experiences and strengths.

Pop Group brings powerful resources to the table, including:

  • Getting the aggregation benefits of contracting, like a large global producer or international leading marketing partner companies
  • Consulting, Auditing your clients
  • Developing Solutions
  • Offering Global / Regional Solutions
  • Being part of an internationally recognized expert network
  • Using differentiating innovative marketing tools & know to better service & developing your client relationships
  • Becoming a Logistics Operation Management Expert
  • Reviewing KPIs with your clients
  • Using one of the biggest Asset Library, hundreds of POP die lines
  • Using the largest Visual & Product Library in the industry
  • Accessing the largest pool of resellers & sub-contractors
  • Offering Guarantees on Pricing
  • Contributing to Sustainability & Quality Management

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