Trusted Partner - Broad Expertise

End-to-end transparency because your only concerns are attractive, qualitative displays direct from the source at the lowest price possible.


Glocalization: Pop Group’s global presence enables a “glocal” support to its international clients: global support combined with local servicing and production. Now Pop Group guides advertisers of all sizes to unrivalled POS order processing as a whole from low cost countries factories to the final promotion places.

Consulting & Selling

Internationally or Locally, Pop Group’s commercial experts:

  • Audit Business Needs
  • Identify Specifics
  • Design Customized Solutions
  • Sell the Proposition

Internationally or Locally, Pop Group’s technical, legal & key account management (KAM) experts work together to make its clients requirement’s a reality:

  • R&D  new POP Solutions
  • Legal Protections of Innovations
  • Prototyping
  • Live Demo
  • Planning Quality Competitiveness
  • Initial Production(s) Check
  • Production Monitoring – online production(s) status checks with reports of every single step
  • Container Loading Check & Pre-Shipment Inspection
Market Supply
  • Forward up to Site
  • On-Site Assembly
  • Disassembly
  • Recycle
Event Management
  • Customized & On-time reporting
  • Demo Sales Force Training & Supervision
  • Sequencing (Inventory Management Dispatch)
  • Post Event Analysis (KPIs)