Producers / Printers

I am a printer producing all sorts of cardboard & corrugated displays.


I am a manufacturer supplying all of gifts and premiums used for promotion campaign purposes.

  • I have my own clients domestically (advertising agencies, advertisers) and internationally (agents, resellers, importers, traders, advertising agencies and advertisers)
  • I own my own machines
  • I am not an expert in designing customized POP & POS and end up turning down clients or being surpassed by competitors or middle men adding value to the produced units.
I Need
I Expect
I Need

To Retain my existing clients

To grow my client network

An aggressive Sales network pushing my productions everyday to new prospects in my territory. I need to quote for as many RFQs as possible.

To differentiate from my competitors by offering innovative products and demonstrating an innovative know how

To Improve my competitiveness

To Increase my sales and my profitability

To become an expert in new POP & POS R&D. I do cannot turn down RFQs anymore because of a lack of R&D expertise.

I Expect

To grow my sales & retain my existing clients

To outsmart middle men by brining added value directly to my clients

  • New production design
  • product development know how
  • online through platform production tracking
  • additional services to offer (Logistics Operation Management, Rendering, Event Management, Post Event Analaysis,….)

Increase profitability

Improve my competitiveness

Use innovative tools

Reach Professional in all domains able to provide me with expert analysis on a particular client need