Reseller / Affiliate

I am an independent small POS, POP company (not a producer)

  • I have a few clients that I have been servicing for many years
  • I face a lot of competition and struggle to keep my official vendor status!
I Need
I Expect
I Need

To be part of a global network that will bring me the aggregation benefits to do business in the POP industry like a large group would.

To demonstrate the benefits of a Global POP provider

I need a marketing support such as a National campaign & PR as well as brochures, samples, etc…, all required sales kits + national campaigning & PR

  • Managed care: I need help in offering a complete range of displays and products at the best pricing and from the best brand names in the industry
  • I need a pool of expert producers close to me, understanding my needs
  • Merchandising: I need to be able to offer the most complete brands and products in the industry
  • Business Care: I need help to have a sustainable financial business in order to look trust worthy to my client’s accounting dept. to keep my status of official vendor
  • I need back office support programs to help operating more efficiently and effectively
  • I need professional tools
  • I need discounts and exclusive programs that reduce supplies and services while generating new revenue streams
  • I need Logisitics Operation Management abilities, Value Added Logistics Services (VAS), Co-Packing  & Kitting
I Expect
  • A professional, reliable & competitive pool of producers
  • To bring a label of quality & service to my clients – Officially Guarantee a zero failure risk
  • Bring added value to my client: more products, more business opportunities in more territories….
  • Retain my official vendor status, beat the competition
  • Sales
  • Retain Clients
  • Grow my network
  • Increase my profitability
  • Improve my competitiveness
  • client satisfaction
  • Improving work flow
  • Increasing quality of services
  • Logistics Operation Management abilities
    • Receiving all POPs and Premiums
    • Labeling & Tagging
    • Palletizing & Put Away
    • Picking
    • Scanning
    • Packing
    • Dispatching
    • Loading