Pop Group’s network supports any local, regional & global promotion campaigns from design to production to inventory management and to on-time market delivery.


Understand your local, regional & global strategies to identify your specifics

Same Quality

The same quality in every store wherever in the world

Consulting, Auditing leading to a Proposition
  • Auditing your Business Needs
  • Identifying Specifics
  • Designing Customized Solutions
  • Proposing a unique Solution to my business
Developing the Solution
  • Researching & Developing new POP Solutions
  • Legal Protecting Innovations
  • Prototyping
  • Presenting Live to any of your team members throughout the world
Producing the same POP Solutions at several locations at the same time
  • Planning Productions
  • Monitoring Productions
  • Controlling the Quality & Mastering Color Management
  • Ensuring Competitiveness
  • Reporting Production Status at each step
  • Container Loading Checking & Pre-Shipment Inspecting
  • Inventory Tracking in bounded warehouse
Supplying to Market
  • Dispatching up to Promotion Locations
  • On Promotion Site Setting Up
  • Disassembling
  • Recycling
Managing Events
  • Customized & On-Time Reporting
  • Demo Sales Force Training & Supervision
  • Sequencing (Inventory Management, Dispatch, Kitting)
  • Post Event Analysis based on predetermined KPIs