KAM-Sales Partners

“We give independent service companies the aggregation benefits of contracting, like a large global producer or international leading marketing partner companies”

Presence throughout the world

Due to its presence throughout the world, Pop Group brings you:

  • A professional, reliable & competitive pool of producers
  • A recognized label of quality & service to your clients – Officially Guarantee a zero failure risk
  • Bring added value to your client: more products, more business opportunities in more territories….
  • Retain your official vendor status, beat the competition using the unique Pop Group Online Platforms, CRM & tools
  • The Pop Group platform and tools guarantee you to quote at the best price for the best quality in the best possible lead-time
  • Additional Sales Leads shared with the other 200+ Key Account Managers currently serving similar clients than yours in other parts of the world
  • To grow your network & Retain your Clients
  • Increase my profitability through the Pop Group Online Platform “PopTracker” Tools
  • An Improved competitiveness in both pricing and quality – PopTracker has unique functions that guarantee you the best price available for the right requirements. Experts within Pop Group support you in designing a professional RFQ matching your clients’ requirementsClear technical descriptions ensure that our plants & authorized producers quote accurately for your RFQs
  • client satisfaction
  • Improving work flow
  • Increasing quality of services

The above 3 are significant in a sustainable business operation. Pop Group’s advanced CRM will do the job right for you.

Logistics Operation Management abilities
  • Receiving all POPs and Premiums
  • Labeling & Tagging
  • Palletizing & Put Away
  • Picking
  • Scanning
  • Packing
  • Dispatching
  • Loading

Pop Group has a pool of 240+ warehouse locations throughout the world professionally catering everyday for your clients just like yours.

Value Added solutions to client POS

Logistics – Time to Market

Doing more with less is the goal of every logistics manager. Pop Group has the experience, expertise and excellence in providing value-added services that complement our customers’ warehousingdistribution and fulfillment functions.

Pop Group works with each customer to provide the appropriate value-added services within each operation.

Key Benefits
  • Reduce the need to hold inventory near assembly
  • Streamline production space for higher value functions
  • Decrease dock to stock time
  • Improve inventory fill rates
  • Increase supply chain flexibility for special orders
  • Enhance customization capabilities
  • Reduce customer charge backs
Value Added Services include
  • Kitting
  • Engraving
  • Tagging
  • Sample insertion
  • Branded personalization including gift wrapping, gift note, and other presentation aspect
Warehousing Expertise

Pop Group pioneered flexible, multi-customer warehousing logistics solutions. We currently offer more than 240 warehouse spaces strategically in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia to provide you with the optimal location and flexibility for your distribution needs.

Reduce Fixed Costs and Improve Efficiency

Our variable cost solution will eliminate many of your fixed costs, while improving efficiency. Pop Group can fulfill a wide range of warehousing needs. Our team can help you determine an optimal location through modeling, obtain the real estate, and define the necessary systems and operational structure.

Improving Efficiency

Pop Group’s multi-customer warehousing and logistics services provide flexible options that meet your changing logistics needs. We understand that sales cycles and market changes create uncertainties for businesses, which is why we offer flexible options. Our warehousing experts do more than just manage your pallets in and pallets out. They utilize technologies, years of experience and efficient pick and pack and case-pick processes to create more efficient distribution processes for your company.

Our state of the art PopTracker provides your business transparent logistics services, while increasing efficiency. Pop Group has created streamlined processes utilizing customized warehousing locations and flexibility according to your company’s ever changing needs.

Core Warehouse and Distribution Capabilities
  • Case pick, pick and pack
  • Specialized services
  • White glove
  • Labeling
  • Multi-temp and dry product support
  • ISO certified

Let us create a customized warehousing and logistics solution for your marketing logistics challenges.

Parcel-DeliverySmall Parcel Distribution

Today, with direct to consumer fulfillment become more and more competitive, Pop Group gives you a competitive store delivery solution for your business. We provide integrated eFulfillment and small parcel.

Our small parcel solution includes
  • Direct to store services
  • Single portal to track packages
  • Custom branded tracking
  • Value-Added Services

Pop Group can also provide you with an integrated solution leveraging less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments along with small parcel. Our integrated solution offers you a more cost competitive small parcel solution.

eFulfillment Expertise – Experienced Expertise

With Pop Group, you get an end-to-end multi-channel solution that utilizes best-in-class technology, products and services. We are the experienced partner you want on your team. Our Warehouse Management System (PopTracker) is giving you visibility throughout your promotions supply chain.

Parcel Select

Pop Group’s best-in-class Key Account Managers (KAM) will work with you to optimize transportation efficiencies and reduce freight costs, while providing a customized solution. Our complete end-to-end supply chain solutions include:

  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Transportation
  • Parcel Select

Parcel Select Service works with small parcel packing and shipping services. It provides a single portal to track your packages, allowing your company to provide stores with a custom-branded tracking method.

Reverse Logistics Can Make the Difference

Reverse logistics can make the difference between an ‘Ok’ customer experience and a great one. Our reverse logistics process ensures the best possible customer experience when defective/damaged POS returns are necessary. Pop Group can help you refresh and improve your existing strategy.

Regional or Local, I have, I am the best touch to my customers – proximity

Pop Group being present in 95 countries, you will have the best of 2 worlds, global & local, more than 190 production facilities, 4,750 experienced workers, 240+ warehouse locations  and expert KAMs will help you make the difference with your competitors and bring the right support to your clients’ campaigns.

KPIs (ratios) = facts demonstrating a good or bad campaign

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) are essential to set with your clients before each campaign to enable you as a KAM to report & assess the effectiveness of the promotion campaign in order to decide whether to make any changes for the next one.

Here a few examples of signification KPIs to address with clients:

The Cost of Goods Sold KPI measures the actual profit margin on products and services by analyzing how costs such as labour or shipping affect your profit margin. This KPI is instrumental in determining the markup percentage for products and can be a key component in a pricing war with your competition. It’s important to remember that even if product is flying off the shelves, you still need to make profit on all that product.

The Point of Purchase or Point of Sale KPI measures where retail transactions are completed and compares each “point” over a given period. Retail organizations can measure this at a “macro” or “micro” level. For instance, comparing online vs in-store purchases is at the “macro” level, while “micro” level transactions may be specific checkout lanes in a store, or a URL for an online retailer. This KPI is about figuring out where customers are making purchases, identifying trends and investing resources where they’ll have the most impact.

Customer Satisfaction metrics measure the quality of your customer service and provide a reflection of the public’s perception of your business. It’s important to remember that, on average, happy customers will share their experience with 2-3 people, while unhappy customers will share their experience with 8-10 people (source: How Customer Service Works). Collecting this data can be done by distributing forms at the point of purchase or by using your call center to conduct a formal survey.

The Incremental Sales KPI measures the amount of sales you’ve gained as a direct result of marketing and promotional activities. Every retailer uses promotions to generate interest and increase sales revenue, whether that’s through social channels, direct mail or advertisements. By measuring the success and reach of each campaign, you can determine which campaigns need tweaking and which ones you should invest more time and money on.

The Average Purchase Value KPI measures the average value of each purchase made by your customers and will often compare that to the average number of units per transaction.  This KPI may vary greatly depending on the type of products and services you are selling. For instance, an auto dealer will have a high average purchase value but low units per transaction. It’s also important to segment customers according to key demographics to better target your sales and marketing efforts.

Time Related KPI:

  • Cycle Time
  • Inventory

Volume Related KPI:

  • Category Share
  • Market Share, Sales

Quality Related:

  • Service Level
  • Out of Stocks

Cost Related:

  • PrintDistribution Costs
  • Storage Costs
  • Delivery Time
  • Service Level
  • Product Market Share
  • Category Market Share
  • Number of Promotions

Establishing a KPI score card with your client is essential to keep the relationship strong & make it worth it for both parties.

Pop Group’s expertise brings you to be able to collect such data for and with your client:

  • Pop Tag: measure impact of promotion
  • Mystery shopping
  • Pop Map (=mapos)
  • Usage of easy to set up patented idiot proof displays: Auto Pops